District heating on its way to Denmark’s last municipality

Date: 25/10/2022

The Planning, Engineering, and Environment committee in Stevns Municipality now unanimously recommends that the municipal council establish a municipal heat supply company under KLAR Forsyning.


The intention is to reduce dependence on natural gas, according to Energy Supply.

- We are fully aware that we are faced with an urgent matter, which is why we have already started the plan to establish a municipal heating supply company before the citizens' meetings in Hårlevhallen. Now comes the formal decision to enter into a collaboration with KLAR Forsyning on the task, says the chairman of the municipal committee, Flemming Petersen, to SN.dk and adds:
- We are the only municipality in the country that does not have district heating - as an independent supply unit or from one of the neighboring municipalities. Therefore, I very much hope that it will be a unanimous decision in the municipal council to make the moral decision to establish a municipal heating supply company, he says.

Translated from Energy Supply's newsletter