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District heating is close to becoming entirely green

by Linda Bertelsen
Lower CO2-emissions with energy transition

A new report from the Danish Energy Agency confirms that Danish district heating today is based on 78 percent renewable energy.

June 26, 2024 | By Kim Vejrup, Danish District Heating Association

From initially focusing on increased energy efficiency by utilizing waste heat from electricity production based on fossil fuels, district heating is now close to being completely green. This is stated in a new report from the Danish Energy Agency, which also asserts that the electricity system is moving towards a future solely based on renewable energy.

The Danish District Heating Association welcomes this development.

“When we ask homeowners what matters to them in choosing heating, they almost unanimously point out that it should be easy, affordable, and quiet. But increasingly, what also matters is that it should be green. With today’s assessment, we can see that choosing district heating is the green solution that also meets Danes’ other preferences for heating their homes,” says Nicolai Kipp, department head at Danish District Heating Association.

Electrification of district heating

Danish District Heating Association emphasizes that electric boilers and electric heat pumps are increasingly contributing to the 78 percent renewable energy in district heating.

“Most companies are heading in this direction. Namely, that in district heating, we can utilize wind and solar energy. We can use fluctuating electricity and store it in the district heating’s miles of pipes until homeowners need the heat. I expect we will see much more of this in the coming years, where electrification will play an even larger role,” says Nicolai Kipp.

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This article by Nicolai Kipp, Danish District Heating Association is translated from Danish to English by DBDH.