District heating helps Danish exports

Date: 08/01/2013

Denmark´s energy supply is brilliant to sell Danish industrial products to the rest of the world. 30 years of investment in district heating systems have become a unique Danish brand, which sees a rising demand in the rest of the world, according to several companies.

“We currently use Denmark as the perfect case when we sell our products worldwide,” says Martin Bruhn Petersen, Sales Manager at the international electronics company ABB. The special skills in district heating mean that the company´s headquarters for this type of energy is placed in Denmark. “We are in the process of expanding district heating in many places, and therefore people come to Denmark to see it in operation,” says Martin Petersen.

There are great export opportunities for Denmark in the district heating area. Today Denmark is primarily known for their wind turbines, but there is an extensive knowledge in other areas, including district heating, which is demanded abroad. 

Anders Dyrelund from the consulting company Ramboll follows Denmark´s unique location at close range. “We have been a leader in district heating for many years. I have worked in 25 countries over the past 20 years, and there are even more jobs now. Now I go to London and Japan to give lectures on district heating. There has been so much attention on this”. He looks particularly at the EU as a major growth area after EU adopted a new directive energy efficiency.

Source: Borsen