District heating Fyn and the Fortum Group merge on CO2 capture and recycling in Odense and Nyborg

Date: 18/01/2022

480.000 tonnes of CO2 captured, stored, or converted into sustainable resources by 2030.

These are the perspectives in a feasibility study, such as District Heating Funen and the Finnish one energy group Fortum now starts in Odense and Nyborg.
Capture and underground storage of CO2 promises to be part of the solution for Denmark and the world climate challenges.
On Funen, Fjernvarme Fyn, which Odense Municipality and Nordfyn Municipality own, and one of Europe's largest energy groups, Finnish Fortum, put together a vision to go one step further. The ambition is that it captured CO2 can, in the long run, be transformed into a sustainable resource that can be included in, for example, recycled plastic or act as a sustainable fuel in industry, transport, and shipping.

Climate neutral in Europe by 2035

The Fortum Group aims to be climate neutral in Europe by 2035, and the project in Denmark is one part of the overall strategy. By transforming waste into sustainable materials and resources, we will create a closed CO2 cycle that helps achieve the goal both for us and our partners, says Kalle Saarimaa, Vice President at Fortum Recycling & Waste.

The core of the project, which in practice is a feasibility study, is that the two parties will investigate the possibility of capture CO2 from Fjernvarme Fyn's plant in Odense, which supplies heat to 200,000 citizens on Funen, and Fortum's plant in Nyborg, which environmentally handles hazardous waste from a large number of industrial companies and supplies the citizens of Nyborg with district heating.

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