District Heating Funen (Fjernvarme Fyn) gets even greener surplus heat

Date: 23/01/2014

Fjernvarme Fyn has signed an agreement with iron foundry Tasso for utilizing the heat from the production of cast iron for district heating. The system for utilizing surplus heat is expected to start in spring 2014.

Calculations show that by utilizing the heat from the cast iron production 175 houses can be supplied with district heating each year. Calculations also show that there is good economy in utilizing the surplus heat from Tasso .

“This project is good for the environment. Today the waste heat from cooling of process water as steam dissapears from our two cooling towers. When the surplus heat is used in the district heating network, and the cooling towers are stopped, we will save 5,600 m3 of water. We will also save 200,000 kWh of electricity to energy-optimized operation of the pump . The system is prepared so that we can later connect energy capture from additional sources in the company,” says Bjarne Faurbye , Technical Manager at Tasso .

Source: The Danish District Heating Association