District heating from Danish designer chairs

Date: 30/05/2018

Renowned furniture company Carl Hansen & Søn now produces both district heating and design classics such as designers Wegner’s “Y-chair” and Børge Mogensen’s “Hunting Table”.

The company has invested 100 million DKK in new production facilities. Among other things, Carl Hansen & Søn replaced two oil boilers that were already in the production halls, with steel boilers lined with chips from furniture production, so that the furniture factory became completely self-sufficient with heating.  The local district heating company Gelsted Fjernvarme has taken over one of the factory’s two stoker boilers, and the other is put up for sale. In addition, the furniture manufacturer sends out 40-50 tonnes of chips per month for use at the district heating plant. This recycling of residual biomass significantly reduces the plant’s use of natural gas.

Source: Energy Supply