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District Heating from 1G to 4G

by dbdh

District Energy is not a new idea, but it has found new relevance in a world seeking practical solutions to decarbonization. The latest generation of District Energy infrastructure (4G) enables city planners to vastly improve energy efficiency while creating a viable channel for accessing renewable sources.

District Energy which covers both District Heating and Cooling is extremely flexible, especially in terms of both the types and number of energy sources it can utilize. New heating sources can be easily added without disabling the system or disturbing consumers – far more efficient than the current method of having to change individual heating units in separate buildings as new technology comes onto the market.
Because District Heating pipes have a longer lifespan than a generating plant, networks can be put in place based using whichever heat supply technology is most economically or politically appropriate. With technology moving at a rapid pace this also provides a simple framework to introduce new energy sources that may become available in the future.

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Source: Danfoss