District Heating exports booming

Date: 08/05/2013

Danish district heating exports are booming – now the time has come to Poland!

Lomza was one of the 5 cities in Mazury region that participated in the DH road show by DBDH and 8 Danish companies: ABB, Arcon Solar, Danfoss, AAEN Consulting Engineers, Frederiksberg Utility, Kamstrup, Aalborg Engineering, and SPX

See press release from Lomza City: http://www.lomza.pl/index.php?wiad=1987

Poland is an interesting market for Danish export companies in the district heating sector as Poland is the second largest market in Europe in terms of consumption of heat – only surpassed by Germany. At the same time, the proportion of consumers supplied with district heating is as much as 50%. Poland faces several challenges in the implementation of the EU climate goals – especially when it comes to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Poland wants  to learn from the Danish experience and form a Polish-Danish collaborative platform. 
The Danish delegation visited the local district heating companies in the North Eastern cities of Plonsk, Olsztyn, Suwalki, Lomza and Bialystok. Mazury region is emphazising the need for new investments and improvements of energy energieffeciency in district heating systems. At the same time, the region encourage a more innovative approach to district heating, including increased use of renewable energy, for example solar district heating.

District heating ratios in Poland
Market share: 50%
Installed capacity (MWh): 59,790
Transport and distribution network (km) :19,286
Investments (EUR) :500 million.
New connections to the district heating system: 64,000 households

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