District Energy Workshop in Budapest

Date: 24/04/2018

On 22 & 23 April, a District Energy Workshop took place in Budapest arranged by DBDH in cooperation  with Danish Embassy in Budapest and the Hungarian District Heating Association, Mataszsz. More than 80 guests from the district heating sector in Hungary attended the workshop, including a large delegation from  Főtáv, the Budapest DH company.

“District Heating in Hungary dates back as far as 1899 when the House of Parliament had the first district heating heating system in operation”, said Mr. Tibor Orban, President of Mataszsz and DCEO of Főtáv, when opening the workshop with a survey of present state of the Hungarian DH Sector. DH in Hungary is increasing since 2014 and the main drivers of new projects are the EU thematic objectives/EU2020, The National Energy Strategy 2030, and the District Heating Development Action Plan (DHDAP) according to which district heating is seen as an instrument to serve the climate protection and sustainable development. Main goals are to increase share of renewables and communal waste, increase energy efficiency and build new district heating systems. Hungary posseses huge potential for new biomass projects, and geothermal projects. Further, a new WtE plant is planned to be connected to the Budapest district heating system, an investment of 250-300 mio EURO. The new plant will be part of the future heat mix with a potential for 53,5% renewable district heating at a total investment in the area of EUR 720 mio.

During the workshop, Danish consultants and manufacturers presented cases and innovative solutions applicable in the Hungarian district heating sector following the presentation from Danish utility side by Mr. Lars Gullev, CEO of VEKS: District Heating Companies’ Innovation Activities in Denmark”.   The workshop inspired a debate concerning what should be the highest priority in the Hungarian DH sector today.



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