District energy display unit set to halve demand

Date: 25/01/2013

A payment and display system developed for a district energy network in the north of England is poised to cut power use by as much as 50%.

Combining data collection and energy monitoring with an in-home display unit, ENER-G Switch2’s G6 system was rolled out from May 2012 to help residents in the Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) cut their power and heat bills.

Since then, a drop in residents’ overall consumption by 15% has helped put the G6 on the shortlist for the Housing Innovation Award, held in London on 13 February.

But KNH forecasts the saving in annual consumption could reach 30-50%, once winter usage is factored in and as residents become familiar with the technology, according to ENER-G Switch2.

The display’s in-home display unit shows customers how much energy they are consuming, when they are using it, how much it is costing them and how much credit they have available.

A pioneering pay-as-you-go element in the G6 system also gives residents across the 1036 homes in the KNH scheme an option to buy ‘credit’ through wireless technology. Residents can switch easily between payment methods.

The G6 is now being installed at other UK community energy schemes.

Source: COSPP