District Cooling success at Høje Taastrup District Heating Company (HTF)

Date: 05/11/2020

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In Høje Taastrup, a suburb of Copenhagen, the local district heating company HTF is successfully supplying district cooling (DC) to companies and office buildings. The first DC plant has been in operation since 2016, and an energy centre from 2017 has room for increased capacity.

In 2014, Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme (HTF) prepared a business plan for district cooling in the municipality's central business area. Technically a large heat pump plant with groundwater cooling (ATES - Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) and cooling accumulation tank.

However, the plan had to be quickly adjusted when Copenhagen's Green Market (greenery and flowers) moved from Copenhagen to Høje Taastrup. Copenhagen Markets wanted not only district heating (DH), but also a DC solution for 70 individual customers (shops) in the 67,000 square meters new building.

It became the first DC order in 2016 - with a DC network inside the building.

Read the complete article by Uffe Schleiss, Technical Manager HTF here

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