District cooling of the future

Date: 19/01/2018

With a new energy station and a 1,800 metres long supply network – provided by isoplus Piping Systems – Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme (HTF – Høje Taastrup District Heating Company) in Zealand, consolidates its position as one of the country’s leading suppliers of district cooling.

Some years ago HTF entered the district cooling market when the Grønttorvet was relocated from Valby to Taastrup Transportcenter. The 67,000 square metres wholesale market place for fruit, vegetables and flowers requires a high cooling capacity to keep the temperature in the various market sections between 2 to 14⁰C.

The town municipality of Høje Taastrup accommodates a large number of business enterprises, and a study demonstrated a strong potential for district cooling (e.g. process cooling, comfort cooling, server room cooling) in the southern part of the municipality.

Among the customers of the new station located on Energivej are the nearby companies Orbicon and Alka. Other players like Quality Hotel, the City 2 shopping mall, and the town hall might well become future customers of the network, which was made with Ø 323 series 1 pipes provided by isoplus.

Cold as well as warm
The very centre of the station is a huge heat pump, weighing 14 tonnes, which can produce 1 MW of cooling and 1.4 MW of district heating. It is precisely this synergy between heating and cooling that brings major benefits, says Uffe Schleiss, technical manager at HTF. “When we produce cooling, we generate surplus heat, which we can transmit into the district heating network. We believe this to be the optimal solution”.

Astrid Birnbaum, manager of Høje Taastrup District Heating, underlines that a common network is both economically and environmentally advantageous – and far better than many individual systems, where energy utilisation if far less significant. ” In our opinion the co-production of cooling and heating by means of heat pumps is the way to the future. In international circles, the conversation is more and more about District Energy instead of District Heating. We are also happy to see that the new Danish political business package favours the area”, concludes Astrid Birnbaum, who enjoys the smooth cooperation with isoplus during the extension of the municipality’s district cooling network.