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District cooling in Aalborg to new super hospital

by dbdh

The Danish government has decided to centralize hospital services in Denmark and will build six “super hospitals” including a university hospital in Aalborg. The University Hospital will be the largest in northern Denmark.

Aalborg Portland, Denmark’s only cement manufacturer gets its raw material from a limestone quarry that is now forming a 100 ha and 40 m deep lake which is a great resource for natural cooling with water temperatures 7-8 °C all year round on the bottom.

The municipal energy company, Aalborg Forsyning, is now investigating how the cooling can be distributed to the new super hospital and adjacent to the University. Capital Cooling develops along with Aalborg Forsyning the district cooling business by introducing the new cooling product to the market, develops a technical solution that will benefit both society and the environment and manage the profitability and risk levels.

The district cooling system to the hospital will be the first system in the world that can be provided with 100% natural cooling for both process and comfort needs.

Investment in the hospital 4.1 billion DKK
Building area 135’000 m2

Source: Capital Cooling