District cooling a reality in Frederiksberg

Date: 23/06/2014

The Danish municipality Frederiksberg has got its first district cooling plant. And the first customer, the shopping center Frederiksbergcentret, has been connected to the system.

Frederiksberg’s citizens can now boast of having a district cooling plant in Frederiksberg.

District cooling is a system in which cold water is distributed to the users in a closed pipe system. The cold water is produced centrally in the same manner as district heating – and like district heating it provides both environmental and economic benefits.

“The fact that we now have district cooling in Frederiksberg is in harmony with Frederiksberg’s environmental ambitions. We can offer it as a green alternative to local cooling systems, reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption considerably,” said Mayor Jørgen Glenthøj.

The exact scope of a user’s energy saving and CO2 reduction will always depend on individual factors, such as building size. But as a rule of thumb, for example, up to 50% of the environmental impact of cooling can be saved by switching to district cooling.

The new plant can supply 3 MW cooling energy – equivalent to the cooling capacity of approx. 10,000 refrigerators.

District cooling in Frederiksberg is ti be expanded in the coming years as more companies choose to convert to district cooling.



Frederiksberg’s first district cooling plants listed in Frederiksberg Supply ground was opened on 2 June. Mayor Jørgen Glenthøj cut the ribbon at the entrance to the site. Behind him is Managing Director of Frederiksberg Forsyning, Vagn Bech.