DIN Forsyning sends airplane on heat-loss hunting

Date: 04/02/2016

Last year, a sport plane and consulting engineers Cowi carried out heat-sensitive photographing of the district heating network in the Danish Towns Esbjerg and Varde.

At that time, they found 30 ruptures in the distribution system, but because of the weather conditions the imagery was not optimal and therefore it has been decided to make the flight again.

“The purpose of the survey is to record the condition of the district heating pipes and identify sections that are damaged and have heat emissions. We have found a quite large loss in the distribution network, i.e. some of the water we inject into the network disappears, but we are not quite sure where. We hope this air thermography may give us an answer to this”, says director of DIN Forsyning Jesper Frost Rasmussen.

The 30 fractures from last overflight are patched together and there has consequently already been registered a substantial decline in the make-up water losses in the distribution network, but DIN Forsyning aims for even a further reduction.

Had to cancel the first flight
A week ago, DIN Forsyning and Cowi had thus decided to repeat the flight over Fanoe, Esbjerg and Varde, but it was at the last minute canceled due to the weather.

“To be able to fly and also to use the heat-sensitive camera there are some very strict requirements for the weather. Last week it looked like the plane could come on its wings. Unfortunately, a frosty mist came across and the plane could not take off and land safely”, says communications manager at DIN Forsyning, Hans-Christian Damm Obel.

The supply Company is now waiting for the weather to behave again – and preferably in the foreseeable future. “Statistically, we have approximately until April 1, when the weather becomes too hot for the camera to detect ruptures in the distribution system. As soon as the weather permits, we will fly so we can get some new data”, he concludes.


Source: Energy Supply