Differences in district heating prices needs action

Date: 11/06/2013

The situation on the Danish district heating market requires political action, says the Liberal party (Venstre) after it has emerged that there can be huge differences in the size of the heating bills at the customers.

“For the Linerals, it is crucial that the district heating sector continues to play a pivotal role in the green transition, but at the same time the consumers should be able to pay to be connected to a district heating systme.

“Also, district heating should be competitive with other energy sources”, says Lars Christian Lilleholt, spokesman for energy and climate for the Liberal Party.

According to national newspaper Jyllands-Posten the annual heat rates for a standard house of 130 square meters varies from 8000 kronor to 37,000 DKK.

This is partly because of the higher tax on natural gas, which many of the local CHP plants must use as fuel.

“The risk is that district heating consumers end up stuck with a huge bill for the green transition, if we do not handle this”, says Lars Christian Lilleholt. He fears that consumers will move away from district heating because of the high heating bills and thus make it even more expensive for consumers who remain loyal customers.

“We need a national solution for district heating”, says Lars Christian Lilleholt. He stresses, however, that district heating prices can never be the same throughout the country. “There are local conditions that have an impact – large plants, minor plants, plants with few users or many users and so on. But the differences are too big”, says Lars Christian Lilleholt.

Climate and Energy Minister Martin Lidegaard (R) acknowledges that the differences in the heating prices are too big and several decentralized CHP plants struggle to be competitive on price. He expects that a new national strategy for the area will be ready early next year.

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