District heating in Denmark

For decades, Denmark has been the world leader in accumulation of know-how and the catalyst with regard to development and implementation of innovative technologies related to DHC. Today, 63 percent of the Danish households enjoy the benefit of being connected to environmentally clean and energy efficient district heating systems.

The DHC system utilizes the heat and cooling from a wide variety of energy sources such as combined heat and power plants / cogeneration (CHP), surplus heat from the industry, large solar thermal systems, geothermal heat and large-scale heat pumps. Interconnecting these energy sources, enables varying with regard to the type fuel. This flexible system configuration ensures an optimal and reliable energy supply, increases efficiency and reduces fuel costs.



The Danish district heating sector has for many years been the center of attention for a lot of district heating producers and experts from around the world.
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Technology and cases

The concept of pre-insulating steel pipes and covering the insulation with a water-resistant casing was invented in Denmark in 1960.
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District heating history

The history of Danish district heating is more than 100 years old and still very much a part of modern society and the future.
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