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DH Sector Visit to Ukraine

by dbdh

In cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Kyiv, DBDH organized a DH Sector Visit to Kyiv and Lviv in the week from 30 September to 4 October. The event was headed by Danish Ambassador Merete Juhl, and focus was to meet the DH Sector in Ukraine to discuss possibilities for cooperation with Danish companies. A large Danish Delegation took part in the event: ABB, Abratek, Dansk Energi Automation, Desmi, EKF, Grundfos, Hydro-X, Kamstrup, Logstor, Salling Plast and Unotransport.

The Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) has recently approved projects in the district heating sector amounting to EUR 70 mio. The E5P Fund has been established by international donors (Denmark is among them) to co-finance investments in the Ukrainian municipal sector and the EU Eastern Partnership countries with a focus on demand-side efficiency improvements. During an evening session at the Danish Embassy, the participating companies got a deeper insight in the expectations to the DH market, investments and projects during discussions with NEFCO, EFK and Rambøll, who are involved in many of the projects.

On 1 October, the day was dedicated to a district heating seminar in Kyiv, arranged in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing. Deputy Minister Mr. Vitaliy Kindrativ, hosted the meeting, which was attended by a large amount of district heating companies from different cities and municipalities.  Also the association of the district heating companies in Ukraine, UKRteplokommunenergo, was represented by their President, Mr. Arseniy Blaschuk, and several of the companies within the association presented current and coming district heating projects of interest to the Danish companies. Jane Karanda, Principal Advisor of E5P, gave an insight of the regions and cities which have been approved in connections with DH projects funded by E5P, and also of those regions which are under consideration for approval.
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The event in Kyiv comprised also a site visit to Kyivenergo TEC-5, where the DBDH delegation were received by Mr. Yuriy Gladyshev, Director of Kievskie TETS, Mr. Egveniy Glushad, Director of Kievskie heating networks, chief engineer at TEC-5 Igor Laskavyi,  and Acting Director on Strategy, Mr. Nazar Medyanyy. Confirming the interest to cooperate with Danish companies,   Mr. Gladyshev presented information about the CHP plants, and touched upon priorities of Kyivenergo, new investments and plans and projects.

Heat is generated by Kyivenergo at TEC-5, TEC-6 as well as in heat supply stations and 182 boiler plants. The total heat sources capacity is 15 mio Gcal/hr in 2012. Heat is transferred through the heat network of total length around 4,500 km. In 2013 investments amounts to 270 mio UAH, and the same amount is expected in 2014.
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In Lviv, the delegation visited Lvivteploenergo TEC-1 as well as a newly renovated boiler station. The delegation were met by Mr. Stepan Pakizh, Director, Mr. Mykhaylo Khaman, Deputy Director, and Mr. Volodymyr Shteibart, Chief Engineer. The delegation received information on the district heating system in Lviv, and had an open and fruitful discussion with the management before the tour of the plant.

Lvivteploenergo received a grant and a loan from E5P and EBRD in June this year.  The grant amounts to 10 mio EUR and the loan is 20 mio EUR. The municipal guarantee has already been approved by the Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine so that the project implementation can commence.
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At a seminar in Lviv on 3 October, co-organized by the Association of Energy Efficient Cities, the Danish and the Ukrainian side exchanged information through the many presentations and later continued discussions during B-2-B meetings. The Association of Energy Efficient Cities is an NGO combining around 36 small and medium-sized cities of Ukraine, closely working with EU Commission in Ukraine to help municipalities in the introducing and managing the projects on energy-efficiency. See also the webpage with information on the District Heating Day in Lviv: http://www.enefcities.org.ua/uk/news/events/562-04102013———