Denmark’s ambassadors paid visit to Kamstrup

Date: 05/09/2016

Tuesday August 23rd, a delegation of close to 40 Danish ambassadors visited Kamstrup in Denmark.

This year, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to expand the annual ambassador meeting in Copenhagen to the rest of the country, and thus take the political discussion to the people and the business community. This included a visit to the Danish metering solutions provider Kamstrup, a long-time business partner. The cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided important insight into local markets, which has helped Kamstrup in the establishment of new sales offices in foreign markets. In addition, the partnership has paved the way for new strategic and political relations.

”The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an important business partner to Kamstrup. The ambassadors get us to the negotiating table, where we can do, what we do best,” says Jesper Daugaard, Sr. Vice President of Global Marketing in Kamstrup. ”Therefore, we are very happy and proud of hosting them. They showed great interest in our work, and the ambassadors now have a deeper insight into our business and intelligent metering solutions.”

During the visit, the ambassadors received an introduction to the strategy of Kamstrup along with an insight into new, potential markets. Among the visitors was Ambassador Lars Gert Lose from the Danish embassy in the US, who took the opportunity to discuss the current and future cooperation. “It is a great pleasure to visit Kamstrup, who we have been working with since their establishment in the US in 2012,” adds Lars Gert Lose. “Kamstrup delivers a unique product that is new to the American market, and may prove to be important to the country’s struggle with water shortage, especially in California. I am looking forward to continuing the good cooperation.”