Denmark world’s most attractive country for green investments

Date: 03/03/2014

According to PA Consulting Group’s Energy Investment Map, Denmark has more potential for green investments than any other country in the world.

Denmark tops the list as the world’s most attractive country for investments in green energy technologies, passing China and Sweden, which claimed first and second place in 2013.

The top ranking is primarily due to the fact that Denmark is expected to generate 50% of its electricity from offshore wind by 2020 and, moreover, that Denmark is putting considerable effort into smart metering and smart technology to avoid supply issues within distribution and transmission.

According to the Danish Energy Association, the results of the report highlight the importance of focusing on new energy technologies for Denmark: “There is no doubt that Danish companies are leading the global market in terms of new energy technologies. Denmark’s leading position within the green transition of the energy sector has largely contributed to this”, says Charlotte Søndergren, Head of Department at the Danish Energy Association.

Source: State of Green