Denmark: shows yields of more than 40 solar district heating plants

Date: 04/09/2014

The interactive map on, a website operated by agency Easynet, shows yield information entered by more than 40 solar district heating companies. The data also includes the irradiation figures and for most plants, even the hourly results of past years. The website was the brainchild of Per Kristensen, who came up with the idea when he was director of Braedstrup Fjernvarme.


“When we set up the solar district heating plant in Braedstrup in 2007, it was the first one to connect to a cogeneration plant, so many people were interested in its production data,” Kristensen, now Head of Kristensen Consulting, says. And so the idea of an interactive map was born.

The map “allows plant owners to compare their production data with the data of other plants in real time,” the consultant says. “And it also gives the government an overview of the solar activities of the district heating companies.” The website is financed by sponsors.

Production yield data on the Easynet servers is constantly updated via FTP or HTTP uploads by the plant operators. The information is stored on the server that provides the current and historical data to the website’s front-end.

Interactive map evaluates system performance of district heating plants
The solar heat production displayed on the interactive map indicates the gross energy supplied by the collector field. Losses of the storage tank, district heating network or other system components has not been subtracted yet.

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