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Denmark ranks Digital-First in Europe

by Linda Bertelsen

In 2021, Denmark moved from 3rd to now occupy a leadership position in the rollout and use of digital infrastructure. So states the new report “Digital Economy and Society Index 2021” from the European Commission.

The European Commission has published the annual report “Digital Economy and Society Index 2021,” which, among other things, shows how well the individual EU countries are doing concerning the rollout and use of digital infrastructure via, for example, broadband or mobile networks.

The report for 2021 shows that Denmark is overall number 1 out of the 27 member countries.

I am happy and proud that we have a high degree of digitalization in Denmark. How important this is, became clear to many in the corona shutdown. Digitization has helped us maintain contact with each other, with homeschooling, online meetings, homework, and not least in the health care system’s fight against the pandemic. Digitization, proper connections, and digital services are also crucial for both development and operation for the business community. The European leadership confirms to me that the industry has good opportunities to strengthen digitalization in Denmark. This is not to say that we can not get better, but I am pleased with the industry’s work to ensure both good mobile and broadband coverage in Denmark,” says Minister of Climate, Energy and Supply Dan Jørgensen.

Denmark has the best digital infrastructure.

Overall, the Danes have the best access to digital infrastructure in Europe. The reason is, among other things, good broadband coverage and that the necessary frequencies are available for the ongoing 5G rollout. Also, the fact that the telecommunications industry has proven willing to invest in the future plays a significant role.

The digital rollout has gained further momentum under the corona.

In a time marked by COVID-19, there has been a strong dependence on Europe throughout and an increased focus on a well-functioning digital infrastructure that enables online meetings, homework, and homeschooling. Compared with the average in Europe, however, the new figures show that the rollout and use of digital infrastructure have increased more in Denmark than in the other EU member states.

High desire to invest and good competition in the Danish telecommunications industry

The fact that Denmark is at the very top is primarily because the telecommunications industry annually invests large billions in, among other things, the rollout of broadband. In 2020, the telecommunications industry had a record high level of investment of more than DKK 10 billion. The market-based rollout of, among other things, landline broadband has enormously contributed to 96 percent of all homes and companies in 2021 is covered with a broadband connection of 100 Mbit / s download and 30 Mbit / s upload. The significant result is primarily due to the companies’ outstanding work and the excellent cooperation across ministries.

The result is largely due to the companies’ great work in, among other things, ensuring good mobile and broadband coverage for the Danes and good cooperation across ministries,” explains Stine Leth Rasmussen, Deputy Director of the Danish Energy Agency.

In addition, in 2021, Denmark has held auctions of the latest frequency bands for 5G so that all frequencies are sold and available to mobile operators.

Translated from the Danish article “Danmark indtager digital førsteplads i Europa” published by the Danish Energy Agency on November 12th, 2021