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Denmark in Chinese agreement with focus on district heating and offshore wind

by dbdh

And Danfoss in heat pump cooperation with the Chinese heat pump industry.

Yesterday, Lars Chr. Lilleholt met with the Chinese Energy Minister Nur Bekri in response to the Minister’s participation in the international energy summit Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation.

As part of the meeting, the Danish and Chinese Ministers signed a cooperation agreement on renewable energy which sets the framework for future Danish-Chinese cooperation in this area.

“Denmark is today in the global major league of renewable energy, and from the Chinese side, there is great recognition of our energy expertise. China has shown a very good development in this area in recent years, and China is a key country in relation to the global leadership of the future in the context of the green change. If the Paris Agreement aims to be achieved, close cooperation between Europe and China, which is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is crucial”, says Minister Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

District heating & wind
The agreement focuses on the use of renewable energy in the district heating system, and furthermore ensures increased cooperation on the development of ocean wind in China.

“I am pleased that it is possible to tie the Danish-Chinese energy cooperation even closer together. The meeting with the Chinese Energy Minister confirmed that China has some very ambitious plans for their green change and that, by offering Danish experience and technology, we can contribute to the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter going in a more green direction, and we can ensure to gain even better footing for Danish energy companies in district heating and offshore wind, where we have some unique skills”, says Lars Chr. Lilleholt, Energy, Supply and Climatologist.

And some heat pumps
Lars Chr. Lilleholt and his Chinese ministerial colleague also observed the signing of a cooperation agreement between Danfoss and the China Heat Pump Industry Alliance.

The agreement will promote the use of heat pumps, and Danfoss expects the agreement to significantly strengthen their position in the Chinese market.

“I am pleased every time Danish companies manage their position internationally, as Danfoss does with this cooperation agreement”, says Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

Source: Energy Supply