Denmark exports clean air technologies worth more than DKK 7 billion a year

Date: 06/01/2017

The first ever report to document Danish companies’ export of solutions related to clean air technology shows DKK 7.2 billion in 2015. According to the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, as well as the Danish companies themselves, this figure can become even higher.“It is a strong foundation to create growth and jobs in Denmark, and at the same time contributes to solving a very serious environmental challenge. Air pollution is a plague in many large cities, resulting in closed schools, companies, roads and airports, and people are rushed to hospital with urgent breathing problems. Danish companies’ expertise can help solve this,” says Sara Røpke, Head of Department at the Danish Environmental Agency.

In order to bridge collaboration, a number of the companies’ trade organisations have met with the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food to unite around areas of environmental technology, regulation and knowledge. The aim is to boost Danish clean air solutions to the world. One of the participants, also an initiator of the cooperation, is Jørn Jespersen, Managing Director of the Danish Environmental Technology Association.“Air pollution is a global challenge that knows no boundaries. But many Danish companies have good solutions, and I am pleased that the Danish Ministry for Environment and Food wants to approach this together. A see great potential for public-private collaboration in this area,” he says.

Facts: Clean Air exports

– The Danish Environmental Agency has just released the first report for Danish exports in clean air solutions
– The report is produced by the Danish Environmental Technology Association with contribution from DAMVAD Analytics for the Danish Environmental Agency
– The report shows an export of DKK 7.2 billion in 2015
– The biggest amount of exports is to the EU but there is also a considerable amount to the U.S. and China
– Denmark produces clean air solutions across a number of areas, including stoves, shipping, road transportation, waste incineration, power plants, wind turbines, industry, building and agriculture.- There are more than 500 Danish companies that sell clean air solutions, among others Haldor Topsoe, FLSmidt, Alfa Laval and MAN Diesel & Turbo
– According to the WHO more than 7 million people die each year because of air pollution

Source: The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food