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Letter of Intent for Strategic Cooperation

by dbdh

DBDH Sign Letter of Intent for Strategic Cooperation with Jinan City Investment Group.

Yesterday, a high level delegation from Jinan visited DBDH and CTR. The delegation was headed by Li Quansheng, General Manager in Jinan City Investment Group. In the visit was also participation from management from Jinan Heating Group and Jinan Thermal Power CO. The group from Jinan are in Denmark to study the concept of a transmission system, integrated control and operation of multiple heat sources and how to prioritize each heat source and how to set the distribution system up so that it can cope with the multi locations of heat sources. They had also great interest in the business model behind buying the heat from different heat sources and selling the heat to the different distribution companies. Information about the automatic operation of their whole system and the role of consultants was also of interest. In Denmark they visited the CTR – the greater Copenhagen DH transmission company and Fjernvarme Fyn (DH company).

Jinan aims to become a national energy model city and a new energy industry base. In recent years, through industry transformation and district heating has been build to replace decentralized heating systems. Jinan has achieved tremendous improvement in energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction. Jinan city government plans to introduce foreign, especially Nordic countries, advanced development experiences in Zero Carbon emission. Jinan will concentrate on new energy and industrial waste-heat utilization as the main resource of it energy supply, to build Jinan into a national low-carbon and energy-saving model city and a national district heating model base.

Therefore, DBDH and Jinan City Investment Group have signed a Letter of Intent to promote integrated energy utilization technologies. There will be planned further technical exchanges to promote and implement the advanced energy efficient technology developed in Denmark.

Managing director of DBDH, Lars Hummelmose further explains that there is great Chinese interest in learning about multi heat source operation, how to achieve low temperature district heating systems and also how to have more flexible district energy systems.