DBDH Seminar kick-started sector visit from Ukraine/DH roadshow in Denmark

Date: 11/12/2015

A high-level delegation from Ukraine participated of an afternoon seminar at DBDH on December 7th, 2015. With the theme “Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency in the Utility Sector”, the event was arranged by DBDH in cooperation with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, as part of a five-day roadshow taking the delegates from Copenhagen through Jutland and Funen.

The afternoon started with a welcome by Export Manager of DBDH, Pia Zimmermann. The first presentation was given by Anders Hasselager, Senior Policy Adviser at the Danish Energy Agency (DEA). He gave the delegation an insight into the principles of the Danish Heating Planning, along with an update of the recent development and upcoming extension of district heating networks in the Copenhagen area.

DEA’s presentation was followed by Lisbeth Erlands, Vice President Europe & MENA at IFU. Criteria for investments in energy projects and public-private partnerships was the theme presented here, explaining how IFU can act as a fund manager for infrastructure projects in developing countries. IFU’s four elements to create value involve financing, advice, strategic partnership and network & local presence.

Karolina Osipowska, Director International Business Development at CLEAN, touched upon the integrate solutions that CLEAN can offer in international partnerships, though cooperation with a consortium of Danish companies that are experts in the field of clean technology. CLEAN is non-profit organization open to analyzing new ideas and turning them into projects that can be concretely developed and implemented.

The seminar’s fourth presentation was given by Jens Dall Bentzen, CEO at Dall Energy. He talked about tested and proved solutions for biomass-based energy plants, which landed the company the European Inventor Award in 2011 and catches the attention of international media, herewith CNN and, most recently, The New York Times. The overall emissions from Dall plants are very low compared to the Danish limit.

The CEO at EPIKA group, Pavel Posobilo elaborated on the cheapest and most efficient way to save energy and money. EPIKA group specializes in business and communication planning, financial management and B-2-G relationship.

Thomas Dalsgaard, Head of Department at Silhorko-Eurowater has worked with water treatment solutions for more than 20 years. That was the theme of his presentation, in addition to corrosion prevention in district heating systems. By utilizing as little chemical products as possible, the process enables a reduction in both water and power consumption, translated into higher energy efficiency and performance.

Brunata, with the words of Area Manager Brian Juul Rasmussen, presented the district heating’s value chain. The company provides flexible solutions of individual billing and allocates the costs of heating, water and electricity to the final consumer. Celebrating its 100th anniversary by next year, Brunata is present in Ukraine and has developed district heating projects in the country.

The last presentation of the day was given by Michael Poulsen, Technical Manager at Danish Energy Systems. He emphasized the relevance of extracting biofuel present in the Ukrainian soil and forests in order to produce energy. Being the good and cheap alternative to gas that it is, biomass produces emissions that are way lower than EU’s requirements. DES has several partners around the world and is aiming at increasing the number of local partnerships.

The seminar ceased with wine & snacks, where the 28 participants had the opportunity to network and continue discussing the content of the day’s eight presentations. The delegation is busy with company visits throughout Denmark for the rest of the week.

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