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DBDH person of the year and DBDH member of the year

by dbdh

At DBDH´s annual general assembly held on March 19 the “DBDH person of the year” was elected. This year the title went to Mr. Egon Erlandsen as DBDH highly appreciates his energy and sincere dedication to both district energy and DBDH. Egon is always present at members meetings and is a very active networker. He is very helpful when receiving foreign delegations, and DBDH is very delighted to have Egon as a representative, and as a spokesman for DBDH.


















Also “DBDH member of the year” was elected. The honour went to Aalborg Engineering represented by Mr. Bent Have Johnsen. Aalborg Engineering has been an active member of DBDH for many years and has always contributed with a high level of activity both domestically and internationally. The company participates frequently in DBDH members’ meetings and in international conferences. Aalborg Engineering is also a keen and competent contributor to articles in HOT|COOL and also supports the magazine financially with regular advertisements.

Aalborg Engineering specializes in the design and supply of steam boiler systems with the objective to design and supply reliable products and act as a reliable and responsible business partner. DBDH is proud to have Aalborg Engineering as a member.