by Linda Bertelsen

On June 6th, we gathered at Frese in Slagelse for our semi-annual members’ meeting. After an interesting morning visit to the pump station at Envafors and a tour of valve production at Frese, the meeting began with a warm welcome from Kristian Kjeldgaard.

The first major topic of the day was a discussion on peak load! How should we handle peak load before the green transition deadline – and what will it cost? Emil Kjøller Alexandersen from Dansk Fjernvarme presented a roadmap for fossil-free peak load, highlighting the possibilities and economics of this. Thomas Engberg Pedersen from HOFOR shared the plans for the green transition in a large city like Copenhagen and the goal of a multi-faceted and CO2-neutral district heating supply.

Tom Krogsgaard Diget from Viborg Varme a.m.b.a. posed the question of whether 99.5% can be rounded up to 100% in the green transition. In his report, he based his discussion on Viborg Varme’s climate goals for 2030 and the plan to phase out natural gas and fossil fuels.

The afternoon continued with the second major theme of the day, where Morten Jordt Duedahl from DBDH asked what is needed in connection with expansions, mergers, collaborations, and fusions. Jakob Storm Rasmussen from Fjernvarme Fyn A/S answered this along with Johan Sølvhøj from Egedal Fjernvarme A/S and debated it in plenary. Subsequently, Tilde Hellsten from the Danish Energy Agency’s Center for Global Advisory spoke with Morten Jordt Duedahl about the value the Energy Agency’s Energy Governance Partnership (EGP) program provides to Denmark, Danish companies, and Danish utilities. This sparked a lively debate among all attendees, and valuable insights were exchanged.

The DBDH Award-winners of the Year 2023

Afterward, Lars Hummelmose presented the awards for the Member Company and the Person of the Year 2023, which went to Innargi (Member Company) and Johan Sølvhøj Heinesen (Person) from Egedal Fjernvarme. Søren Berg Lorenzen received the diploma on behalf of Innargi. We congratulate both for their dedication and commitment to the organization of DBDH and the district heating sector in general.

Johan Sølvhøj Heinesen, DBDH Person of the Year 2023

As usual, the meeting concluded with the District Heating Square and After-Work Beer, where Kristian Kjeldgaard and Christian Skallerup-Børgesen talked about Frese’s valves at their stand. Hanne Kortegaard Støchkel from DBDH introduced us to DBDH’s market development and current activities, asking attendees for input. Lars Christian Jensen from ARO Energy Solutions A/S discussed ARO’s projects at his stand. 

Finally, Morten Jordt Duedahl presented the results from DBDH’s member survey conducted at the beginning of the year. He was happy to announce that more than 90% of the respondent members are overly pleased with what we do at DBDH.

All in all, a truly inspiring networking day!

DBDH thanks all participants and Carsten Lunde for the tour of the pump station at Envafors. Finally, a big thank you to Christian Skallerup-Børgesen, Kristian Kjeldgaard, Jens Axel Johansen, and the staff present at Frese for the excellent hosting and tour of Frese’s valve production.