DBDH in Kazakhstan

Date: 28/03/2014

In a few days 10 DBDH-companies are goin to Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, a big energy conversion is taking place, driven by oil money and a vision that in  2030, 50% of all power will come from alternative energy sources – a conversion that requires Danish technology.

The energy infrastructure in Kazakhstan is facing an extensive renovation. After a dip in activity due to the financial crisis, the big country is rapidly on the rise again. There is a great vision for moving to a more efficient and green energy system, and here the district heating grid will play a crucial role.

“Kazakhstan has an energy infrastructure from the Soviet era which makes district heating interesting. The country is used to this kind of technology, however, there is a great need for a comprehensive modernization and expansion of the existing network,” said EKF’s financial advisor for Russia & CIS, Jørgen Østergaard Bollesen.

Before summer, a new law is expected to be passed that states that 50% of all electricity in 2030 must come from alternative energy sources. District heating is also in Kazakhstan, a well-known technology for efficient distribution of alternative energy, and here the Danish companies have a good reputation.

“As in many other countries there is also in the Kazakh district heating sector a great respect for the Danish energy solutions and experiences. Also in the energy sector in general, Danish companies have a good reputation, especially due to the long cooperation with MAERSK in relation to the oil industry,” says Jørgen Bollesen.

Jørgen Bolleson adds: “Kazakhstan is generally a growing market, driven by strong oil revenues. However, in particular the district heating area, the technology is lagging behind other countries in the region, such as for example Russia. This means there are good first-mover opportunities for Danish companies that can provide the demanded technology.”

In addition to promoting Danish companies , the purpose of the trip is also to establish a stronger cooperation between the Danish and Kazakh district heating industry by the signing of a cooperation agreement between DBDH and the Kazakh energy efficiency and environmental association. This will pave the way for increased Danish export.