DBDH editor of new white paper on district heating

Date: 17/02/2016

State of Green has launched its latest White Paper on Energy Efficiency with DBDH as part of the Editorial Committee.

This edition draws on competences built up through more than 100 years of experience with district energy in Denmark. It highlights some of the main learnings to consider when wanting to expand the use of district energy by including relevant cases from around the World.

Inside this White Paper: District Energy – Energy Efficiency for Urban Areas
The white paper highlights the following:

  • District energy at its core: Fuel flexibility and secure supply
  • Planning and regulation – a prerequisite: The regulatory process, responsibilities and requirements
  • Fuel flexibility allows for sustainability in district heating: The key to intelligent use of energy
  • The necessity of heat storage: Saving money and securing supply
  • The future of district energy: Realising a strong global potential

Download the new white paper here.

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