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Danish supplier of biomass plants gets European breakthrough

by dbdh

Dall Energy has agreed to deliver the first plant to the French energy company Dalkia.

“The agreement with Dalkia means we are in front of an international breakthrough, and it is also a huge blow to our technology. With the agreement, we expect in the future to deliver between five to ten plants annually only to Dalkia’s customers. It also means that we are now giving the organization a strong boost in the coming years”, says CEO and founder Jens Dall Bentzen in a press release.

Dall Energy, headquartered in Hørsholm, Zealand, has developed a multi-fuel furnace that transforms organic material, such as garden waste, to thermal energy, through a two-part process.

In the coming years, Jens Dall expects to generate revenue of more than 100 million DKK and expand the staff from six to about 25 employees.

EU millions to kickstart expansion
The first plant in connection with the partnership with Dalkia has already been sold to the city of Rouen, France. Here the mayor has demanded that the coal-fired plant be replaced in favor of a biomass plant.

In connection with the agreement, Dalkia has driven French garden waste from France to a Dall Energy plant in Sønderborg to test whether the plant can now also burn French waste and transform it into heat according to French standards.

“In relation to our European expansion strategy, France is a very good market for us to start with. There are many coal and gas fired district heating plants, but like Denmark, the focus is on switching to more environmentally friendly fuels, among other things, using what we call circular economics achieved by basing their district heating on local waste streams, for example the garden-park waste that municipalities collect, explains Jens Dall Bentzen.

The agreement with Dalkia also means that Dall Energy has penetrated the EU’s needle eye so that the company, as part of the EU’s research and innovation program Horizon 2020, will receive 18 million DKK.

The first Danish biomass plant in France from Dall Energy will be operational by 2020.

Source: Energy Supply