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Danish SMEs lead the way in green tech and professionalism

by Linda Bertelsen
Sorø Bioenergi Photograf Steen Knarberg

Denmark is world-renowned for its groundbreaking green technology. However, these solutions are not only found in large Danish companies, according to Eiffel Investment Group. Danish SMEs also produce green tech with massive international potential, and the growth equity fund is ready to invest DKK three-digit million in it.

Press story – December 2023

Danish companies score highly on international lists of the most sustainable companies, not least when the Canadian Analysis Institute and business magazine Corporate Knights, publishes its annual Top-100 list.

In 2022, three large Danish companies were in the top 10 of that list, while four are in the top 20 for 2023. This has created international attention for groundbreaking green, Danish technology. Not least from SMEs.

High Levels of Governance and Innovation in Danish SMEs

French Eiffel Investment Group (Eiffel IG) – through Eiffel Essentiel, a green technology investments-specialized growth fund – is a large asset management company (AMC) that has focused its attention on Danish SMEs.

In Denmark, according to the French investment fund, there are more potential SMEs that are worth investing in than in many other countries. They are market-oriented, professional, and ready to be taken to the next level.

T. Vanpeene_portrait“At Eiffel Essentiel, our mission is to drive the green energy transition with investments in sustainable tech solutions. Denmark is ahead in green solutions and has solutions the rest of the world wants – not least among its privately owned SMEs. These companies have a high level of both innovation, export readiness, and governance, which makes them very attractive investments,” says Investment Director Thibault Vanpeene.

Three-figure DKK millions in funding ready for Danish green-tech solutions

Eiffel IG manages more than €5.5 billion across Europe[1]. 30% of this is made up of so-called energy infrastructure and technology to advance the green transition – including its first Danish investment: Dall Energy.

The biomass and pyrolysis technology company received about EUR 10 million in the spring, but the fund has allocated a DKK three-digit million sum for investments in Danish SMEs. But they must be on par with Dall Energy.

“Dall Energy is a great example of a privately owned SME that has developed a green technology and built a professional company that is expansion ready. This means that it is ready for local and European success in collaboration with us. And essentially, we believe that Dall Energy’s biomass and pyrolysis solutions will become an important part of Europe’s green transition because demand is growing,” says Thibault Vanpeene.

Jens-Dall-Bentzen_portraitWe are proud to have Eiffel IG on board and that they see the same potential in our biomass gasification-technology that we see. We have noticed the effects of their influence already, which range from better banking conditions, greater interest from customers as well as in terms of the recruitment of new employees who all want to join our growth journey within green technology,” says Jens Bentzen, CEO of Dall Energy.

Facts and figures

  • Eiffel IG manages more than €5.5 billion in assets, is headquartered in Paris, and has 90+ employees worldwide.
  • About 30% of Eiffel IG’s portfolio (Eiffel Essentiel[2]) is in energy infrastructure and green technology.
  • Dall Energy received a EUR 10 million investment from the Eiffel Essentiel fund in 2023.
  • Dall Energy was founded in 2007. It is headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark, and has 27 employees.
  • Dall Energy offers its patented biomass gasification technology to the global energy market.

For more information

For more information, please reach out to Jens Dall Bentzen at +45 29872222. Read more about Dall Energy at www.dallenergy.com and Eiffel IG at www.eiffel-ig.com

[1] Note: Figure as of June 30th, 2023, undrawn commitments included.

[2] Note: Eiffel Essentiel is a fund managed by Eiffel Investment Group and restricted to professional clients only.