Danish government urged to set renewable heating targets

Date: 03/03/2016

Clear targets for the sector are needed to maintain growth of biomass-fired heat

Denmark’s Environmental Economic Council has called on Danish politicians to set long-term and credible targets to boost the use of renewables in the country’s heating network.

In a report, released 1 March, the council says district heating companies face high costs converting energy systems to renewable energy, totalling about €2.1m (DKK16m) annually.

This is mainly due to the low prices of fossil fuels and CO2, and the high cost of renewable technology development.

As a result the green transition, which has seen Denmark boost renewable heat from 45% in 2005 to more than 58% last year, mainly through using wood pellets rather than oil, requires large investment.

The report says there is a need for clear policy objectives and targets at both the EU and national level to keep costs down while conversions are carried out.

The view was echoed by Danish district heating association, Dansk Fjernvarme’s policy chief, Rune Moesgaard. He said: “[Companies] need to know which conditions they invest in.”