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Danish energy popular in Britain

by dbdh

Wind power. Biogas. District heating. At the moment there is much demand for Danish knowledge and expertise when the Brits look to produce energy.

District heating has been high on the agenda with the Brits since they, two years ago, launched a so-called Heat Strategy. Before then, there were no plans with that part of the energy consumption in the UK, and therefore they very much seek to Danish solutions.

Energy counsellor at the Danish Embassy in London Rasmus Leth Traberg says to Danish newspaper Børsen: “Denmark does not have a patent on district heating, but together with Finland and Sweden we are known as leading in the field. Politicians, officials and municipalities go on study trips to Denmark to see our solutions.” Rasmus Traberg continues: “Over the next years, a certain amount of coal plants must be phased out. This creates a big hole. At the same time the country has gone from being a net exporter to being a net importer of oil and gas. Otherwise it will be “light out” – literally. And this will mean many large investments”.