Danish energy model to ensure increased exports

Date: 10/07/2014

Denmark has over the past four decades experienced economic growth, while there has been a fall in the energy consumption has fallen. The Danish energy model meets great interest and will now even be exported.

The parties behind the new growth plan for Energy and Climate (S, RV, V, SF, LA and K) have agreed to allocate 10 million DKK for 2014-15 to an initiative that will promote the export of Danish energy solutions, initially focusing on  UK, Germany and China.

“Denmark is leading the way when it comes to green energy. Therefore, we are now helping the companies that have developed smart solutions to export their knowledge and products to the rest of the world. It is good both for the environment and for the economy,” says climate, energy and building minister Rasmus Petersen.

The initiative will reinforce cooperation between the DEA, the Trade Council and a number of new export advisers on Danish embassies in the countries that have been selected. The starting point is to create a collaboration between Danish and foreign authorities and thereby pave the way for business cooperation, opportunities for exports and foreign investment in Denmark.

“The close collaboration between companies, embassies and energy authorities in close dialogue with the authorities in export markets is an important new way of working. I see great potential for the sale of Danish solutions for especially  district heating, energy efficiency in buildings and wind energy. We have some special skills in the energy sector, which should be used to maintain and create new Danish jobs through increased exports and attraction of investment”, says Minister for Trade and Development Mogens Jensen.

The initiative has been developed in close dialogue with the industry, including the Confederation of Danish Industries, the Danish Energy Association, DBDH as well as a large number of export companies such as Danfoss, Grundfos, Velux, Rockwool, Vestas and others. The industry has recommended that the efforts initially focus on the UK, Germany and China. In 2013, these countries bought energy worth 27.3 billion DKK of Danish companies, representing 40 percent of the total Danish exports of energy. In 2013 Danish exports of energy rose worldwide by 10.8 percent to just below 68 billion DKK.