Danish energy forest in the making

Date: 12/03/2013

Utility company Fjernvarme Fyn (District Heating Funen) has entered into a collaboration to establish a forest in Odense, provided that the wood waste is used for heat production.

The company is paying for 50,000 poplars, planted by the municipality on a 33 hectare site in the spring. The poplars will soon provide an experience of a real forest in the area. In return, District Heating Funen will have the opportunity to use the wood chip from the trees for heat production.
District Heating Funen produces increasing amounts of CO2-neutral energy from wood chips. 

The poplars will be regularly harvested to provide enough light for the permanent forest, and here District Heating Funen can benefit from the project and produce large amounts of wood for combustion. Estimates show that more than 1000 households will be supplied with heat from the produced chips over a 20 year period.
“This is the first energy forest in such a large area, and it will be groundbreaking for new thinking with similar projects”, says Managing Director of Fjernvarme Fyn Jan Strømvig.

Source: DKNyt.dk