Danish Days in Serbia

Date: 12/06/2015

During 27 and 28 May, DBDH organized Danish Days in Serbia in cooperation with the Serbian district heating association, TOPS.

The main goal of the trip was the Danish Days seminar on the 28th of May in Brzeze  presenting the best from the Danish district heating sector. The theme of the day was: ‘’Rational energy management, metering and renewable energy’’ – a theme that is very relevant in light of the latest new Serbian energy regulation, which imposes district heating companies to meter the heat delivered.

At the seminar, DBDH members and invited guests got a change to present Danish solutions for the Serbian challenges. From Denmark, following companies participated: Kamstrup, BA Systems, Danfoss, Brunata, Logstor and Broen A/S. The seminar was very well visited by Serbian energy companies and decision makers from the Serbian municipalities. Amongst these was the chairman of TOPS, Mr. Milovan Lecic.  In prolongation of the seminar DBDH members met local and regional stakeholders during work shops, which were a unique opportunity for bilateral talks. The activity level during work shops were intense with debates and dialogues.

For many years, DBDH has been building up a valuable relation with the Serbian district heating sector through an Agreement of Cooperation with the Serbian district heating association SRBSKA TOPLA (TOPS). This agreement is based on the fact that the district heating sector in Serbia wants to benefit from cooperation with Danish companies concerning Danish know-how and technologies.

The DBDH trip to Serbia was a planned step to maintain and expand the cooperation that exists between the Danish and the Serbian district heating sector.”It is important that we are constantly visible in Serbia as a strong sector that can provide the energy saving and energy efficient solutions needed”, explains Pia Zimmerman, export manager DBDH.


Download presentations and see pictures form the event here.