Danish companies will benefit from Obama’s climate plan

Date: 04/08/2015

President Obama’s ambitious climate plan for more renewable energy can create golden export opportunities for several Danish companies, writes Danish newspaper Berlingske.

This Monday, Barack Obama presented his ambitious “Plan for Clean Energy”. And if he manages to implement it, it can mean full order books for the Danish companies working with climate technology.

“Obama’s plan is the most robust American message in recent times. It gives the Danish energy sector reasonable expectation that we can increase US exports over the coming years”, says the branch director of DI, Troels Ranis, to Berlingske.

Last year, Denmark exported energy worth 3.3 billion DKK to the United States, making the US market the fourth largest energy export market, after Germany, the UK and Sweden.

But it the Americans plan even further for renewable energy, the US market can grow much larger. Troels Ranis believes that it will be particularly positive for the Danish companies working with solar, wind and biomass.