In the TVIS supply area, DH consumers will no longer have natural gas in their heat supply and welcome a cleaner environment and stable prices. Fjernvarme Fyn postpones conversion from coal, while Helsingør politicians examine the possibility of speeding up district heating rollout in areas with individual gas solutions. In Hobro, pipes are in the ground in a few days result is that more homes will enjoy much cheaper heat when the next heating season starts.

by Linda Bertelsen
Woodchip boiler

The green argument is obvious; we all understand that. But now it has become more economical to start the conversion. And here, the political cost is not even included.

District heating customers avoid natural gas and price hikes

On Thursday, new consumers under TVISsaid goodbye to heat from natural gas and hello to a cleaner environment – as well as stable prices. TVIS has connected the district heating plants in Bredsten and Jelling to its transmission line after it had spent most of 2021 laying 20 kilometers of heating pipes from Vejle to the two towns.

Good news. Stable heat, stable prices, and a better environment.

Vejle City Council agreed a year ago that we must meet the Paris Agreement to reduce our carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030 and be completely neutral by 2050. Funen district heating postpones conversion from coal to gas

The planned conversion from coal to gas is postponed for three months at Fjernvarme Fyn, so it will not happen until 2023 at the earliest. The reason is the high gas prices and a fear of channeling money to Russia, according to TV 2 Fyn. Here cost wins a small battle against green, but only shortly.

City and Culture Councillor Søren Windell believes that it was a logical consequence of the development and adds: – There was a plan to phase out coal, which we are now pushing back a bit. You could say that reason has triumphed over ideology. We faced a bill of up to half a billion more, which had to be passed on to district heating consumers. We have prevented that now by buying some extra coal.

In Hobro, homeowners are saved from a shocking bill.

In a residential area of Hobro, homeowners are rejoicing because relief from high gas prices is just around the corner. The other day, the letter from Hobro Varmeværk came to the 76 households in Kvædeparken. They will start laying the pipes in a few days, so this summer – and well before the next heating season – much cheaper heat can flow into the homes.

For Hobro Varmeværk, which supplies around 2000 consumers in Hobro and is working on expanding its supply area, the natural gas price spike has accelerated work to convert gas customers to district heating.

Politicians demand faster district heating expansion

Politicians in Helsingør want to explore the possibility of speeding up the rollout of district heating in areas of the municipality where natural gas is currently being used – a large proportion of which is of Russian origin. Helsingør Dagblad writes.

At the next board meeting, Claus Christoffersen, a social-democratic member of the city council, will ask the party’s two representatives on the board of Hensingør Utilities to discuss the possibility of accelerating the rollout of the green transition in the municipality, so more people can be connected to the district heating system.

Article written and translated from newsfeed on danskfjernvarme.dk