Danish biomass sustainability criteria due by the end of the year

Date: 01/10/2014

Danish industry-wide agreement on national sustainability criteria for biomass for energy use is expected by Christmas. Kim Mortensen, director of Danish district heating association, Dansk Fjernvarme, said he is working with colleagues at energy trade association, Dansk Energi, on finalising the criteria.

Mr Mortensen said he thought Denmark was currently using too much wood and straw biomass for energy. But he added that the country’s strong forestry industry could support energy production, if delivered sustainably. He added: “Emissions of CO2 from biomass are high, but the use of biomass sustainability criteria will mean this will not increase as the biomass absorbs CO2 during the growing season.”

The criteria will focus on different types of biomass and the length of time taken to grow them for heat and electricity generation. Danish district heating plants are heavy users of biomass, while Denmark is also converting several large-scale fossil-fuelled power stations to use biomass.

Source: www.endswasteandbioenergy.com