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Danfoss: The potential is now

by dbdh

There is an extraordinary opportunity for a Danish district heating export boom, if we keep the leading position and adopt a pro-active approach. In three years, it will be too late.
This is the message from Danfoss with Germany being one of the most important district heating markets.

“Denmark has the largest opportunity at the moment. Energy efficiency has stepped up the agenda, and many want a piece of the cake”, so Lars Tveen, Manager of Danfoss Heating. The starting signal for the market potential in Germany and the entire EU came with the so-called “winter package” from the EU Commission in November 2016, which obliges the member states to use alternative energy for heating and cooling of housing. At the same time, alternative energy must be increased to 27% of the entire energy supply. Therefore, more electricity from wind and sun must be used for heating water in district heating plants.

According to Tveen, the winter package is the best thing that could happen to Danish district heating export. The best “sales window” for Danish district heating is the will to cooperate in the industry and to show concrete projects. “Denmark must seek to be innovative together with the German authorities and district heating companies. We must put forward the solutions that are green and financially attractive”, says Lars Tveen. What is crucial for the export success is that Denmark remains a pioneer country and keeps developing district heating solutions.


Source: Børsen