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Danfoss signes big agreement in Russia

by dbdh


On October 1 the official signature ceremony between the
Administration of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Danfoss and the Administration of
Dzerzhinsk took place.

 This investment agreement confirms the parties´ cooperation on
the construction of the heat exchangers production in Dzerzhinsk. From the
Danish side the event was attended by the Ambassador of Denmark to Russia Mr.
Thomas Winkler, President & Chief Executive Officer Danfoss Mr. Niels Bjorn
Christiansen, director general of Danfoss in Russia Mr. Mikhail Shapiro and the
Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast Mr. V. Shantsev as well as representatives
of Dzerzhinsk City Administration from the Russian side.

One of the main advantages of Danish technology of heating
equipment production is its energy efficiency. Currently, due to the very bad
conditions of heating systems around 30% of the heat is lost during its
distribution. Danfoss heat exchangers successfully solve this problem.
According to the general director of the Russian branch of Danfoss Mikhail
Shapiro, a payback period of one such heat exchanger will be about two years.

«It is important for us to have this high performance
characteristics, because the energy efficiency issue is of great value. We are
now in the process of the investment project implementation with the app. value
of  400 million-1 billion rub., which will create 270 well-paid jobs», –
underlined Governor Valery Shantsev .

of the plant in the industrial park «Dzerzhinsk East» will begin in 2015.
Production will cover the area of 15 thousand sq. m. and according to the plan
it will become a model of energy efficiency in itself. 

Source: Newsletter Energy & Environment Club October 2013