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Danfoss lines up district cooling solution for India

by dbdh

Danfoss is planning to partner with United Nations Initiative on Sustainable Energy for All and others to develop a district cooling project in India.

The cities of Thane, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Bhubaneswar, Pune and Rajkot are all being considered for the project, and a decision on that will be finalised within weeks. It is of great interest to municipalities attempting to resolve the problem of cooling in a cost-saving fashion.

Chilled water from the facility would run into consumers’ premises where it would be used to generate cold air similar to an air conditioner. This would do away with the requirement of putting up costly equipment that cools water in air conditioning units and save costs.

“Similar models are successfully running at locations in Turkey, Middle East and Africa,” a Danfoss executive said. Ravichandran Purushothaman, president, Danfoss Industries said: “With the launch of this new district cooling initiative in India, we are certain that these six pilot projects will serve as the inspiration for many more such projects in the rest of the country. Danfoss has implemented both, district cooling and district heating around the globe and we are now looking to showcase this expertise in India as well.”

“Given central government’s vision to build 100 smart cities in India and our partnership on UN’s District Energy in Cities initiative, we shall work with the relevant stakeholders to enable the country to meet its sustainable development goals and COP 21agreement, conserving energy for our future generations,” he added.

Jürgen Fischer, president at Danfoss Cooling said: “Cooling has a powerful influence on our life and health; it keeps our food fresh and safe to eat, helps make vaccines available throughout the world, and keeps our homes and offices comfortable. All people should have access to these essentials.”

“But we need to take it a step further by providing cooling in a sustainable way that tackles global warming at the same time. Danfoss looks forward to contributing it deep knowledge in this field and helping speed up implementation of energy-efficient and clean solutions.” Fischer added.