Webinar: Danfoss End-to-End District Energy solution – District Energy as a key technology for decarbonisation of modern Cities

Date: 16/12/2019

Today, 70 percent of all carbon emissions come from Cities and half of that is generated by heating and cooling. If we are to keep global warming below 1.5°C, we must make a change and decarbonize our Cities. Fast! By exploiting the potential of district energy to heat and cool our buildings, 2050 goals are realistic and achievable. Modern district energy networks can be efficient, greener, and more intelligent that ever. But with new renewable and waste heat sources, accompanied by transition to low-temperature networks, these systems are getting more and more complex. Digitalization is a tool, allowing us to efficiently handle this complexity.
In Danfoss, we have developed an End-to-End solution (from components to optimization solutions) enabling operators to efficiently design and operate modern District Energy networks.


  • Milan Jungic, DEN Senior Product Manager, Danfoss
  • Leif Moller Jakobsen, DEN Business Development Manager, Danfoss
  • Jukka Aho, Managing Director, Leanheat


Please send an email to ej@dbdh.dk if you want to be notified before the meeting.