Danfoss Anshan Project Nominated for GreenTec Awards

Date: 14/01/2014

The District Heating Energy Efficient Surplus Heat Utilization Project has been selected among the top 10 projects for the Intelligent Urbanization Prize of the GreenTec Awards 2014.

In 2014, for the first time ever and in co-operation with Messe München International, the GreenTec Awards will give out the Intelligent Urbanization Special Award to a project or initiative which contributes to an improvement in the quality of life in the urban space.

“We are helping the city of Anshan to embrace a new vision for supplying energy to the city by recovering energy that is already available but wasted. The solution will enable Anshan to deliver a significant environmental improvement for residents and paints an exciting picture of how District Energy can help city leaders rethink energy and the economy”, said Lars Tveen, President District Energy.

The Danfoss Anshan Project has honorably been selected into the top 10 in tough competition with strong companies such as BMW, Philips and GE.

Source: Danfoss