Danfoss and the city of Anshan celebrate ground-breaking of world-class district heating network

Date: 17/09/2013

Top leaders of the Anshan city government, Qianfeng District Heating Company, AnGang Steel Company, and Danfoss executives celebrated the ground-breaking for a new transmission line which will enable the city of Anshan to deliver a significant environmental improvement for its residents on September 13th.

The ground-breaking marks a long-awaited development on a world-class heating renovation project that has caught the attention from city planners all over the world. Once completed, the solution from Danfoss will provide a more stable heat supply, noticeably cleaner air and an improved indoor climate for the more than 1.8 million residents living in Anshan, China.
The new district heating system will use non-utilized waste heat from a the local AnGang Steel plant (China’s 3rd largest steel producer) as primary heating source and will enable Anshan to cut energy consumption and reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 240.000 tons annually. The transmission line will connect existing heat-only-boilers enabling the heating company to shift heat loads between the different boilers. The heating company hereby gains a flexibility to adjust and reduce the overall energy consumption.

The ground-breaking was marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the AnGang Steel Company and attended by leaders from the Anshan city government, Qianfeng District Heating Company, AnGang Steel Company as well as executives from Danfoss.
“I’m very pleased to see Danfoss cooperate with local government officials and our strong partners AnGang Steel Company and Qianfeng Heating Company to helps us create a cleaner and more beautiful Anshan by increasing energy efficiency”, said Anshan Mayor Wu Zhongqiong, who added, “I am confident that the existing and proven technologies and solutions from Danfoss will play a very important role in supporting Anshan to bring a significant environmental achievement to our residents and create green jobs in Anshan.”
“We feel grateful that Anshan City openly welcomes our solutions in its ambitious development plans to turn Anshan into a world-leading city for district heating at an energy efficiency level higher than that of Copenhagen today. Moreover, the successful experience we gain in Anshan will allow us to engage in a closer relationship with other cities with urban heat supply to help them strive for a sustainable and green urbanization,” said Jørgen M. Clausen.
Only a short while before the groundbreaking, Lars Tveen, President of Danfoss District Energy, was celebrating the groundbreaking of a new Danfoss plant that will be built in Anshan. The factory expansion will meet the greater needs of Danfoss products, among other things for the district heating renovation project in Anshan.
Lars Tveen said in his inauguration speech:
“Danfoss is committed to help Anshan turn into a world-leading city for district heating and achieve energy savings and comfort levels as never before seen in the Chinese district heating industry. China is a key market for Danfoss, and we are committed to develop our business locally and today´s groundbreaking is certainly a proof of our commitment.”
The new factory will be covering a total of 60,000 square meters. 
The spade that was used for this particular groundbreaking is the same spade that was used when Mads Clausen, the father of Jorgen M. Clausen built the first section of the administration building in Nordborg, Denmark.

Source: Danfoss