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DANEP projects go for green district heating in Ukranian regions

by Kathrine

The current phase of DANEP (2017-21) has a strong focus on green agendas and SDGs to strengthen sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Below are two recent examples of DANEP-supported projects on greener district heating with potential to deliver tangible results to thousands of citizens.

Danish-Ukrainian collaboration to modernize district heating in Ukraine 
Ever seen how a wide open window can be used to cool down an overheated room during winter? Many district heating systems in Ukraine are outdated, and individual regulation of temperatures is often not an option. Therefore, many consumers disconnect and switch to gas or electricity, disregarding existing infrastructure while challenging the climate as well as the national energy system.

In Ukraine, innovative steps are being taken to change this unsustainable practice, and the city of Khmelnytskyi is on its way to a more efficient district heating system. Behind the initiative are Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and Ukraine’s State Agency for Energy Efficiency (SAEE), who collaborate through Ukraine-Denmark Energy Center (UDEC). The approach includes technical concepts and identification of regulatory and institutional barriers.

The findings from the work on city level will be spread to inspire more Ukrainian cities to modernize district heating in a similar way.

Danida Business Finance to launch project on sustainable district heating
Following an agreement on infrastructure support signed by the Ukrainian Minister of Finance and Danish ambassador to Ukraine in spring 2019, Danida Business Finance (DBF) is now getting ready to implement an ambitious energy project. Kremenchuk city will install new efficient boilers, including a biomass boiler, to supply heat and hot water to 16.000 citizens.

The project is financed by DBF grants in support of loans from NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation), which has a range of energy projects in Ukraine. Feasibility studies are underway, and it is expected that project approval and launch will be possible in the near future.