Dall Energy’s sixth plant is in Sorø: Now even more are on the way

Date: 18/10/2021

On Thursday 14 October 2021 AffaldPlus inaugurated its new CHP plant supplied by Dall Energy.
The heating plant uses garden-park waste as a primary energy source and this has caused a stir - not only in Denmark, but also abroad.

Even before the opening of the plant in Sorø, three delegations from various major French players in the energy market visited Sorø Bioenergi. And two more delegations are on their way.

The number of plants with Dall Energy's technology has rounded the six - and there are many more on the way.

-We are currently in negotiations on additional plants in France and Denmark, where garden park waste will be the primary source of energy, says owner manager Jens Dall Bentzen.

In December last year, Dall Energy opened a district heating plant in Rouen, France, where garden park waste is also used as a primary energy source.

The Danish market
The Danish market has until now been closed to Dall Energy. According to new legislation that came into force in 2019, it has not been allowed to use garden park waste as a primary fuel source.

Now brand new rules have come into force and this means that the door has opened up to a completely new market for Dall Energy - namely what is commonly called the domestic market.

- We're looking into really good opportunities. The Danish Energy Agency has made an addition to the legislation on district heating for the use of garden-park waste. In the past, garden park waste has not been regulated. That's what's happening now. Now we can finally get hold of the Danish market. I expect to close agreements already this year, reports Jens Dall.

The fact that the plant in Sorø was allowed to be built is due to the fact that the agreement on this was concluded before the rules from 2019 came into force.

Danish project
One of the Danish projects Dall Energy barracks with is an EUDP-supported project, where the company together with Cowi and Oksbøl Heating Plant will demonstrate how a heat pump and a biomass plant can be integrated, avoiding the nuisances that are when the technologies are built without integration.