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by Linda Bertelsen

Dall Energy’s vision is to provide new biomass energy technologies to the global market.

Dall Energy offers low maintenance solutions for district heating networks and the industry.

And we reduce the environmental impact of energy production by improving air emissions and using locally sourced biomass, which is cheap, sustainable, and CO2-neutral.

  • Dall Energy develops and implements innovative solutions for biomass-based energy plants.
  • Dall Energy´s activities include combustion plants for heat production and gasification plants for heat and power production.
  • Dall Energy is a specialist company with comprehensive theoretical and practical expertise.
  • Dall Energy cooperates with universities, research institutes, and industrial partners.
  • Within evaporative coolers, our strategic partners are AutoJet and Spraying Systems.

Combustion plants

Dall Energy offers a new, reliable solution to cool flue gases in biomass-based district heating plants.
In a Dall Energy biomass combustion plant, the flue gases are cooled in an evaporative cooler, and the energy of the flue gas is thereafter recovered in a condensation unit.

  • The amount of energy produced in the condensation unit is much higher (up to 5 times) compared to traditional condensation units;
  • Due to the air moisturizing system, the plant’s energy efficiency is increased by 10-15%.

Gasification plants

Biomass gasification may become a key technology in the future energy market.
Dall Energy provides simple and reliable gas cooling and cleaning technologies for gasification plants.


Dall Energy develops design tools for innovative solutions for biomass energy plants.
The design tools include mass and energy balance programs for complete plants and design tools for key components.


  • Biomass
  • Combined heat & power production (CHP)
  • District heating
  • Energy efficiency
  • Turn-key supplier
  • Waste incineration


  • China
  • Europe
  • Ukraine


This is a short video from Sorø Bioenergy Plant in which you can see what they use as garden park waste and how it is prepared. Their operations manager, Tommy Fer, is in the video. They use almost 100% garden park waste (though only 80% in winter when there is less). And when the garden park waste has low calorific value/low density in some periods, they supplement/mix it with wood chips or other materials.

Read or download an article about Circular Biomass Energy here:

Circular Biomass Energy in Sorø Dall Energy

Contact info

Dall Energy
Dr. Neergaardsvej 3, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark Telephone: +45 2987 2222 jdb@dallenergy.com
Jens Dall Bentzen
Managing Director
Telephone: +45 2987 2222