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Creating a liveable campus

by dbdh

A transatlantic knowledge sharing project for district energy has been awarded DKK 500,000 by the Ramboll Foundation.

The project will examine how to adapt modern Danish hot water solutions and introduce improved and safer district energy systems to American university campuses. It also aims to increase environmentally-friendly initiatives in the US and improve the long-term quality of life in cities by reducing CO2 emissions.

“Ramboll has more than 40 years of experience in district energy,” says Jens O. Hansen, Global Market Director in Ramboll Energy. “The system which is widely used in Europe is more flexible than the steam system used in the USA. Moreover, it has a higher degree of efficiency and better possibilities of integrating renewable energy. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with the US universities and in this way contributing to low-carbon campuses.”

Other areas of interest include investigating how to convey technology widely used in Europe and refined over four decades, and how to bridge the price gap in construction and implementation costs between Europe and the US. It will also develop tailored solutions to address the challenges of the four US campuses.

Ramboll Energy, supported by the Danish Technical University, is working together with   Dartmouth College, the University of Bridgeport, the University of Rochester and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US on the project.



Jens Ole Hansen

Jens Ole Hansen
Global Market Director
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